Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gift Guide: Last-minute ideas

I have a few more items you might want to toss in your last-minute or after-Christmas shopping bags.

Lekue microwave popcorn maker

I wrote about this back in April and I have to say that I continue to use this to make popcorn, whenever the popcorn urge hits. It makes good popcorn, I can add oil or not, and if I want butter flavor, I can add butter as well. And salt. And then it goes in the microwave and in about 3 minutes I have popcorn.

I had been fooling around trying to get the perfect stovetop popcorn and it worked well enough - but this is easier and so much more consistent. On the stove, you have to adjust heat, you have to shake the pot, you have to vent the pot, you have to make sure you don't accidentally lift the lid and have popcorn flying all over. And then you add butter and salt last. Kinda troublesome, really, for a snack.

If you like popcorn, this thing works.

Food Charms

This JUST arrived, and I thought I'd grab a photo and link it up if you know someone who would like a little food charm. Or buy two and use them for earrings. Or string it on a chain and use it as a necklace. They're cute and not expensive.

I'll have a giveaway of one of these later, so stay tuned.

Jokari bag holder

I was reaching for this when I needed to fill a plastic bag with cookie dough, and I thought, gee, I should include that in a last-minute roundup. I wrote about it here.

OXO cold brew coffee maker

I freaking love this thing. I wrote about it here.


Here's another item that I use all the time. You need one. Trust me. I wrote about it here.

And that's it for now, folks! Have a great holiday!

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