Thursday, September 3, 2015

5-Blade Herb Scissor

I've been curious about multi-bladed herb scissors for quite some time. While I have plenty of knives and cutting boards, cutting herbs isn't exactly my most fun chore. Sometimes I use scissors, particularly for chives.

So maybe the herb scissors make sense?

When the nice folks at Mastrad offered me some gadgets to test, I decided that the 5-blade herb scissors would be a good choice.

Closeup of some sliced scallion greens.
Turns out that they're actually fun to use, and - hey! - they make uniform slices. Obviously, you won't use these for every single herb you encounter - with thyme, there's no real cutting involved, for example.

But for chives, basil, or other similar herbs, they work really well. And I'll probably find other uses the longer I have them.

Most recently, I used them for cutting the green part of some scallions for a garnish. Snip, snip, snip, and it was done. Best thing is that I didn't need to pull out a cutting board.

I was a little bit concerned that the cut herbs would get stuck inside the scissors because it's a pretty small space. There was some sticking, but as I cut more, the new cuts pushed the herbs through.

The scissors also come with a little plastic comb to scrape out anything remaining, or you could use a thin knife or whatever else is handy. Not a big deal at all.

Who's it for: People who like gadgets and dislike slicing fresh herbs.

Pros: Works well. Fits in my scissors jar for storage.

Cons: Totally not a necessary tool. But it's cool.

Wishes: Can't think of anything offhand.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.