Monday, July 30, 2018

Salviana Raw Maguey Sap

When I was offered a sample of maguey sap from a company called Saviana (people send me lots of stuff to sample for free), I first had to ask what "pre-Hispanic" on the label meant. I'd ever seen that particular terminology before.

Easy answer: this is a food product that predated the time when Spaniards came to the Americas. In other words, the maguey is a native plant and the sap was being used by people who lived here a long time ago.

Okay, then.

After a little research, I found out that maguey is actually agave. Whether it's the same agave that goes into the agave syrup that you see on store shelves. It didn't taste like any agave syrup I've had, so perhaps it's because it's raw. Or maybe it's another species of agave. I really have no idea.

Like all the other natural sweeteners (maple syrup, honey, etc.) the maguey sap I got had a distinct scent and flavor. It reminded me a lot of corn. Now, when you're adding it to something, it's not like you're going to feel like you're gnawing on a corn cob while you're drinking your sweet tea. But it does have a corn-like aroma and flavor, so you might want to think about what you're adding it to and decide whether a hint of corn would be delicious or weird.

So far, I've added it to savory dishes, and just a little bit since savory doesn't need a lot of sweet. I think it would be lovely in cornbread or drizzled on cornbread, if that's the sort of thing you do. Or drizzled on chicken and waffles, if that's your thing. It was nice in a corn and bean salad I made, with just a little to balance the tartness of other ingredients. I'd use it for sure in corn muffins.

I think strong flavors would obliterate that hint of corn, particularly if you're not using a lot of it, but I think I'd hesitate to add it to anything with delicate flavor where corn would be a distraction.

So there we go. Raw maguey. Another first for me.

Yup, I got Salviana Raw Maguey Sap this for free.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Degustabox July 2018

How time flies! It's time for another box from Degustabox. They send me one every month, so I can tell you allllll about it.

This month's box had a summer-like feel to it, which kind of makes sense since it's summer.

Uncle Dougie's Sweet n Snappy Barbecue Sauce
Yikes, I used 3/4 of this bottle in about a week. Good flavor, not too sweet or tart, and thick enough to stick to all the ribs I was cooking. Prior to this, I'd only tried Uncle Dougie's wing sauce, which is also good, but I might have to admit that I like BBQ sauce better, in general. This one is definitely worth a taste,

Lee Kum Kee plum sauce
If you order moo shoo pork (or other moo shoo) at Chinese restaurants, this is the dark sauce that comes with it. I'm not sure exactly what else you'd do with plum sauce, but it's awesome with stir fry whether or not you're serving it with those pancakes. Good stuff.

Loacker cookies
I've gotten these before, but this time they were little packs that would be great for tucking into a lunch or for portion control. I got the cocoa and cream version, which were pretty tasty.

Aiya Matcha
This is single serve matcha tea plus sugar so you can make yourself a quick cup of tea anywhere you can find some hot water. Nice for taking to work for a little midday pick-me-up or you could add it to recipes.

Sir Kensington's chipotle mayonnaise
A lovely spicy condiment for burgers, sandwiches, salads, and pretty much anywhere you want a creamy, spicy sauce. This would be perfect for fish tacos with a little shredded lettuce. Yum.

Wise Snacks Cheez Doodles
Oh my heck. I think I need a case of these. Or two cases. I like the other cheesy puffy snacks, but these have even more cheese flavor. Where have these been all my life?

Chomps turkey sticks
Thin little smokey sausage-like snack. Perfect when you want a little something to eat, but you don't want sweets or carbs.

Goetze's Candy chocolate caramel creams
These are sort of like the ones that are caramel and cream, but ... chocolate. They're nice and chewy without welding themselves to my teeth and they have a nice flavor. Yum.

So that's it for the month ... lots of tasty treats and at least a few things that I'll be buying again, when I'm done with the goodies I got. How many of these have you tried?

Yup, I get these boxes for free. Lucky me, right?