Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweet, Spicy, and Fun Gifts

Everyone needs a list of fun gifts right? Whether it's for a special occasion, just a little something tucked into a basket, a hostess gift, or a "just for fun" gift, here are some that I particularly like.

First we have a few sweets!

Cookies, brownies, and other baked goods come packaged in a fun box, ready to munch on. The brownies are really good and the molasses cookies are divine! I haven't dipped into the hearts yet.

Ice chips are sweet, but sugar free. These would be great to tuck into a purse or pack in a lunch or add to a special basket of goodies. And they taste really good, too! Check the web site for health benefits.

Manuka honey is supposed to have health benefits, but it's also pretty tasty. Give a jar of honey to your tea-drinking friend, or candy to those who love sweets. Super-tasty!

Not everyone has a sweet tooth - so here are a few ideas for folks prefer something spicy or saucy!

Send one sauce or box of three to your favorite hot-head. You can see in the photo, but the Sweet and Spicy bottle is already about 1/3 used. Looking forward to sampling the others.

Jay Ducote came in second in last year's The Next Food Network Star, but perhaps you don't know that he's got his own line of sauces. Great for grillers!

Something boozy can be perfect for a gift for a party - or you can cook with these, too!

Woodchuck makes some tasty ciders, great for drinking as-is, or you can use them in recipe. Awesome with pork! Use some for an apple cake!

The perfect drink for your favorite chocolate lover! Nice as-is, or use it in a cocktail recipe!

The Sriracha beer is spicy, but not too spicy to drink. Great for recipes. 
Not fond of spice? There's a chocolate beer, too!

Once you have the ingredients for a drink, why not combine them in this freezable cup to make a slushy frozen drink? Get a pair of them for your favorite couple!

Most of these were sent to me by companies for review and/or use on my blog; Jay Ducote is a fellow blogger and friend.

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