Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

Even if you don't hang stockings or stuff them, small gifts come in handy. You can bring them along as hostess gifts, or have them standing by in case someone gives you a little gift that you don't expect, or attach them to larger gifts, just for the fun of it.

These are useful and silly at the same time since the "speak" when you turn them over to shake on your salt or pepper. The pepper shaker is a little more polite than the salt shaker. You can turn the sound off, if you like.

Sprouts Candy Cane Tea is pretty darned good. I've got other mint teas, but I went out and bought more of this one because I like it that much. I'll probably stock up more before the holidays are over. If you don't have a Sprouts store near you ... sorry! Mug not included. It's just a holiday cup.

Turn mason jars into something that pours from a spout. It's a useful gift that's a little bit quirky, too.

Oh, let's be serious. Chocolate in a stocking or as a little gift is always welcome. There are a whole lot of chocolates to choose from. Pascha chocolates are allergy free, gluten free, and dairy free, so you can give them to pretty much anyone. Well, except that one person who doesn't like chocolate. And since it's not one of the brands everyone knows, it makes the gift a little more special and mysterious. For bakers, there are chocolate chips, and for snackers, there are little mini bars. 

These microwave cookers come in small sizes for cooking a single egg and a larger size for cooking multiple eggs. For a single egg, you can cook to to a soft poached consistency or medium or fully cooked to use in place of hard-boiled eggs. Or make scrambled eggs.

Sweet Drops are flavored drops that you can put into drinks, coffee, or wherever you want to add a bit of flavor. They're made with stevia, so they're good for folks who are counting calories. And they taste good. I've been using them in tea.

Poaching eggs is pretty well known as a difficult task - even professional chefs have troubles making them perfect every time. Poach pods are cheaters that make poaching easier.

Umami is now considered one of the things we can taste - it's the savoriness of foods, and the Umami 5 products include products that are high in the flavor. Some are for cooking while others can be added to the finished products. 

Okay, it's supposed to be one of those can holder insulator things, but you could also set the captain (or Spock) on your kitchen counter and store your small kitchen tools  in it. There's a hole in the bottom, but you could put the lid from a canning jar in the bottom and your spoons and things wouldn't fall through.

Night Food

Formulated for folks who like to snack at night, Night Food is supposed to satisfy night-time hunger and not keep you awake at night.

Note: While I received some items at no cost to me for prior or future reviews, I am also featuring items that I purchased in this series of gift guides. I was not compensated to include items in the gift guides - these are all my choices.

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