Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift Guide - for Bakers

This year, I decided to do a whole lotta gift guides here, showcasing products I bought, some I got for reviews, some I reviewed already, and some that are up for review in the future.

First up are gifts for people who love to bake.

I love cookie cutters, and this set of cutters includes 26 letters of the alphabet, plus ! and &, so you can make random letter cookies OR you can spell out messages. The cutters are several different sizes, which is really fun. Stamp with one side and cut with the other.

Parchment Tulip Cups and Lotus Cups

A great stocking stuffer for you favorite baker, these baking cups take cupcakes to the next level. And, if you're lucky, you'll get some cupcakes in return.

Bake a snowflake! I made a chocolate cake and dusted it with powdered sugar, and it was really pretty. There will be a recipe over on Cookistry shortly. The cake I made was a bit sticky, but it came out of the pan, which is pretty amazing given the dips and divots in the design. 

Okay, maybe this should go with the food gifts or the stocking stuffers, but it's my gift guide, and these crazy marshmallows would be fun to bake with. Or eat while you're baking.

Finlandia Butter

Okay, no one's going to wrap up butter and put it under the tree, but it would be an awesome hostess gift for someone who bakes, or it would be nice in a gift basket that includes other chilled items. I've just started messing around with this butter, and I'm itching to use it in pastry or croissants because it's pretty solid. I think it would make marvelous flaky crusts.

GIR makes awesome spatulas, turners, spoons, and bowl covers, and they come in a lot of different colors, so they're pretty as well as useful. I love the spatulas, and the new turners are very handy - and safe for nonstick cookware and bakeware. 

I have other 9x13 metal baking pans, but this is my favorite. The color is nice, the cover hangs on nice and tight, and the interior is nonstick. Unlike other covered pans, this one is more square than angled, so it's roomier inside. I use this pan for baking, for storage, and for transporting items.

Got a design in mind that you can find in stores? Get one custom made!

I went through a ridiculous number of inexpensive instant-read thermometers before I finally got a thermapen - the cheap ones were often unreliable, or they would fail suddenly. The Thermapen has lasted through lots of use, and the newest version has some great new features, like the screen that senses angle and direction which makes it easier to read.

The perfect way to measure liquid ingredients. That's it. They're just right. I use the teaspoon and tablespoon measures the most, but they whole set is handy to have, and they nest for compact storage.

Okay, two pounds might be too much for many people, but smaller amounts would be fun for stocking stuffers or in addition to other bread-related gifts.

A fun and funny kitchen timer that would be a good stocking stuffer for the cook with a sense of humor. The timer doesn't actually go "boom" when time is up - it rings like a normal timer.

The bread baker in your life wants this.

If your favorite baker is the artistic sort, or just likes to play with colors on frostings, an airbrush can be a whole lot of fun to play with. A whole lot.

Why yes, I do love gadgets! 

Note: While I received some items at no cost to me for prior or future reviews, I am also featuring items that I purchased. I was not compensated to include items in the gift guides - these are all my choices.

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