Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to make BITTEN cookies

Wanna piece of my heart?
For the longest time, I thought that it would be super-cool if someone would make cookie cutters in the shape of teeth.Not, like a single tooth. I guess I'm thinking more of a mouth. Or really, a bite.

Because I thought it would be funny if I could make cookies and then cut out bite-shaped marks, so it would look like someone nibbled at them.

Of course this would only work with rollout cookies, because those are the ones that would hold their shape. Peanut butter cookies or chocolate cookies might spread too much, and lose the bite effect.

Except ... hmmmm ... in theory, bites could be cut out of baked-but-not-yet-hardened cookies. I haven't tried that yet, but it's certainly on the agenda.

I thought it would be particularly funny with things like gingerbread men, but for other cookies, too.

I really, really really wanted someone to make that cutter for me.

And then I found it.

No, not online. Not in a store. In my baking supplies.

Yes, I already had the perfect cutter for taking bites out of cookies. No, not my teeth.

Biscuit cutters.

Specifically, fluted (or wavy) biscuit cutters. They're absolutely perfect for making bite-shaped cutouts on cookies.

Is this something you're going to do every time you bake cookies? Not necessarily. Or maybe.

Chomp. Chomp-chomp.
It's not something you have to commit to. You can take a bite out of just one or two cookies from each batch.

As far as the how-to, use a smaller biscuit cutter than you think you need - you're going to want to show enough of the curve, and at least four of the scallops that represent the teeth - and if you can manage to show parts of two more "teeth," that's great.

For the fun of it, I used a small knife to add some pointy teeth to represent vampire teeth.

After I thought about it, I realized that a fanged-tooth bite wouldn't look quite like this. But I thought it was fun, anyway.

Vampire bite!!!
And ... that's it! Bitten cookies!

For the cookie recipe, see THIS post.

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