Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Pie Kit #Giveaway

Did you see my apple pie recipe over at Cookistry? It's got apples, of course, and a cheesecake-custard filling.

Yup, it's pretty awesome.

And to celebrate the awesomeness of apple pie, my friends at Casabella are offering an apple pie making kit. Although it's not just for apple pie. You'll find uses for these things over and over.

First, an apple corer. ($9.99)

Not just the average corer, the special feature on this one is that the corer opens and closes to make it easier to eject the core, which is sometimes the most annoying part of using a corer. It locks closed for storage or for coring.

Second, the butterfly duo scraper ($7.49)

This is kind of cool. There's a rigid scraper inside a softer silicone scraper. You can use it closed so there's a soft edge on a more rigid scraper, or swivel it open (which is when it sort of looks like a butterfly) to use the softer, squishier, bendier scraper on its own, and use the rigid scraper separately as well.

Next, rolling pin spacer bands. ($6.99)

These silicone bands come in pairs of four sizes, so you can roll your pastry to an exact size. I did a full review of them here.

Last, pie crust shields. ($6.49)

No need to fiddle with trying to shape aluminum foil onto the edges of your pie crust- just lay these silicone shields on the crust. You can put these on at the beginning of the baking time if you know your crust is apt to brown quickly, or watch the pie and put the shields on when you see they're needed. These are really lightweight, so there's no worry they'd damage the design on a decorative crust edge.

Quick Review:

Who are these for: Folks who bake.

Pros: Handy to have. Everything is dishwasher safe.

Cons: If you're buying these all for the one pie you will bake in your entire life, it makes the pie a little pricey. But ... who bakes just one pie?

Wishes: A wider version of the pie shields might be nice if you've got one of the fancy pie plates with a giant rim.

Source:  I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review and they will also supply the products to the giveaway winner.



  1. The pie sounds so good,and the tools are certainly something
    I could use.Than-You :-)


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