Friday, September 5, 2014

10" Williams Sonoma Thermoclad Skillet #Giveaway

Ya wanna hear a funny story?

It's about this frying pan. Yes, humor happens in strange places in my house.

I got a pair of identical stainless steel frying pans a while back from Williams Sonoma when I was working on a promotion for them. I kept one and set the other one aside. I figured that I'd do a giveaway eventually.

I wasn't really doing a lot of giveaways on my recipe blog, so the pan got shuffled from one place to another. But when I started this blog, I thought, gee, I might as well put the nice frying pan up for grabs.

And when I looked for it, it was ... gone. Poof! Vanished.

I looked every sane place I could think of, and a couple of insane places. I knew what the box looked like. I knew how the box opened. It wasn't in the house and it wasn't in the garage. Where could it be?

Then I started thinking about the way we recycle boxes, which is usually my husband's job. And I thought, gee, I wonder if that box went out with the recycling? It was the only think I could think of, since it wasn't anywhere else. Not in the house, not in the garage. Not under the car. Not anywhere else at all.

Or, anywhere else visible ...

I asked him if he remembered seeing the box anywhere, and I told him my "out with the recycling" theory. He didn't think it was possible, but he didn't remember seeing it anywhere, either. It was just mysteriously gone.

Recently, I went looking though my "giveaway" boxes looking to see what sorts of gadgets I might combine into a few coherent giveaways. I had a box that had fall-related items, like a big roasting pan and some turkey tools. And then I noticed a box underneath.

"Mumble ... mumble ... dammit!" I might have said a few other things as well.

I hear a voice ... "You found that pan, didn't you? I knew this day would come." My husband was chuckling.

He was pretty sure he hadn't thrown the pan out, because he looks in the boxes-to-be-recycled, just to make sure I haven't left something behind that I might need. And he breaks down the boxes, so they're more compact. The chance of a frying pan getting recycled with the cardboard was pretty slim.

But still, when it was gone ... I thought ... where could it be???

Obviously, it could be at the bottom of another box, right under the roasting pan that I'll be giving away this fall. Right where I put it, apparently.

*sigh* This happens whenever I sort and re-arrange and organize. I could visualize that pan where it sat before it went into that box. But after ... nah, it couldn't have been me who moved it. Gremlins, I say. Gremlins.

So, lucky you. I have one really nice 10-inch stainless steel Thermoclad skillet ($130 value) to give away. This pretty pan currently sells for $130, and it's definitely well-made. I think you'll like it.

And don't forget to check my roundup of giveaways from some of my favorite food bloggers, HERE.

This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Williams Sonoma. They gave me the pan during a promotion; I was not required to write about it, mention it, or promote it in any way. This is just from me to you.


  1. I get those little gremlins all over my house, too.

    1. I swear, how do these things disappear? I'm still looking for a pair of tongs that vanished a couple months ago.

  2. Would love to win that 10 inch pan!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Speaking of losing things, I wrote a comment and wasn't signed into Google, came back and poof it's gone :) So if I commented twice, sorry. As you can see, I also lose things easily :) I would love this pan to use in daily cooking of meals for my family. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Sometimes I swear we have ghosts who get rid of things we just brought into the house. It has happened so many times around here!

  6. How does one win it?

    1. oops, the entry form hadn't loaded -- I see it now


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