Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Microplane Cube Grater

Those folks at Microplane ... they just keep coming up with grate ideas, don't they?
Get it? Grate?

Ah, never mind.

Microplane's claim to fame in the food world, for sure, was graters. At first they were rather utilitarian, but very efficient. Then they started getting more ergonomic and more ... interesting.

One of the latest new toys is the cube grater. It doesn't grate cubes ... it's a cube-shaped grater.

It's a cute little thing. It comes with a plastic container for storage and measuring. The grater has three grating sides, so you can flip the grater with different  grating surfaces on top, and the other grating surfaces are safely covered in the container. Then, when you grate, the goodies fall into the box.

This isn't a huge grater, so you're not going to use it to grate pounds and pounds and pounds of cheese. But it's fine for grating a cup or less at a time if you grate into the container. But - you don't need to use the container. You can just set the grater on your counter and grate as much as you need to.

And if you have leftover cheese, you can store it in that square container, since it's got a lid.

The grating surfaces themselves are exactly what you'd expect from Microplane - sharp and ready to grate.

Who's it for: Everyone needs a grater, and this is a nice small one.

Pros: The container means that none of the sharp surfaces are going to attack you when you reach for it in storage. The fact that it neatly measures as you grate is a bonus.

Cons: If you need to grate a LOT, the container might not be the best idea. But you don't need to use the container when you grate.

Wishes: Silly, perhaps, but I wouldn't mind seeing these in more colors. It's currently available in black, red, and green.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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