Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Nope, this isn't something that you have to catch. It's the tasty, saucey child of ...

... drumroll, please ...

Mustard and Ketchup.

When I got the pitch about this product, they talked about how Chicago folks don't use ketchup on hot dogs, but you could use this stuff instead.

I thought that was kind of funny, but perhaps it's true. Perhaps.

I got to sample three versions of MustKetch, the original, the zesty, and the smoky. It's hard to describe this stuff. At one moment, it's like a mustardy ketchup. The it's like a tomato-y mustard. It's different. And kind of orangy-red.

You're saying to yourself that you can just grab ketchup and then mustard and add them separately. Well, sure, you could do that. But this is somehow more than just a blend of two condiments. It has become it's own condiment, if that makes any sense.

So far, I've just used this on burgers and sausages, but I think it would be pretty awesome on a meatloaf sandwich. I'm also thinking about using it as a glaze on meat. The smoky, in particular, is on my list for slathering on pork. Maybe even ribs. Or for adding to a stew, perhaps.

Yup, is might actually be a must catch.

Hehe. I'm funny. But looks aren't everything.

By the way, I did get this at no cost to me. Freebie in mah belly.

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