Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cosori Multi Cooker

I had a multi-cooker years ago, and I loved that darned thing. It was the replacement for a slow cooker, but it could also saute prior to cooking, which was totally awesome.

Eventually, it got shoved to a corner of the counter and finally it moved itself into storage when the pressure cooker invasion began. Sort of like the British invasion, but without shaggy hair and guitars. I started loving the idea of quick cooking, and they could slow cook when I was in that mood.

Then, I started missing it, because some things just don't fit well into a pressure cooker. So, when the nice folks at Cosori offered me a unit to test, I said yes.

I wasn't familiar with the brand, but after checking reviews online, I saw that users liked their products, and the features looked pretty good. The multi-cooker looked like it was solidly built, and when it showed up it looked like a quality product.

One thing that puzzled me was that the gasket that fits around the lid was not installed, but then it made sense. Users should remove the gasket to clean the lid completely, and having it packed separately makes it obvious that it can be removed and replaced easily. Kind of a smart thing to do.

This critter has a much slicker, shinier, more modern look than the one I had before, One knob selects the type of cooking and the other knob selects time and temperature. There are buttons to start or cancel the cooking process, to select time or temperature to be adjusted, to set the delay timer to start later, and to keep the food warm.

One nice feature is that the handles on the cooking pot have silicone covers, so they're not as hot as screaming hot metal. I'd suggest using pot holders, anyway, when you're removing a hot cooking pot, just to be safe.

First I tested the simmer function using plain water, and it was a nice, perky simmer. I steamed, roasted, and slow cooked, too. I haven't yet baked anything, nor have I made rice or yogurt, but I'm sure those functions are fine, too.

Overall, this is a really nice cooker. The shape is nice, so you can get a roast or a chicken in there, and the cooking pot is nonstick, so it's easy to clean. This came with a chrome-plated rack that fits the pot. The rack has reasonably tall handles, so you can get it out of the cooker easier, even if you've got liquid in the bottom of the pot. I used the rack for steaming and roasting.

Why yes, I did get to test this for free!

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