Monday, December 3, 2018

Horseshoe Brand Hot Sauces

My relationship with spicy foods is interesting. I don't eat spicy foods all the time, but when I start, I go a little crazy. Spice on everything!

The nice people at Horseshoe Brand sent me some samples of their hot sauces just in time to scratch my spicy itch. I got four bottles, but they've got a LOT more flavors. Which is very cool.

Different peppers have different flavors and different types of heat. And different amounts of heat, too. So, just the choice of peppers makes a difference.

And then they add other flavors, like garlic or kiwi. Some of the sauces are smoother and some have bits of stuff. And there are a ton of different colors of sauces, so you can pick the perfect one to be the right garnish for whatever you're making.

To be honest, I'm kind of enamored with these. They're spicy, but the flavor really comes through. They're not so spicy that one drop is too much. And the multitude of flavors and colors made me happy.

Horseshoe Brand is a small company, and these are said to be handcrafted, and these taste like it. There's just ... something ... about them that made them really appealing. I'm slurping my way through the ones they sent me, and there's a darned good chance I'll be ordering some as well, or seeking them out at my local stores that carry the brand, like Whole Foods.

They also seem to have barbecue sauce, but I haven't had a chance to try those yet. The hot sauces, though ... yum.

Yup, I got these fer free. I'm lucky like that.

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