Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Drosselmeyer Conecracker

Got nuts?

The Drosselmeyer Conecracker doesn't crack cones, it cracks nuts. I was kind of excited to get my hands on it, because I like nuts, and cracking whole nuts reminds me of my childhood. But the nutcracker sat around for a while because I didn't have any nuts in shells. I couldn't find any at the grocery stores.

I knew they would show up some time before the holidays, but I got impatient and ordered both pecans and walnuts from Amazon.

See how hard I work for you? I mean, really, I clicked that Amazon button and nuts were delivered. It's tough, I tell you.

The cracker is kind of cool. You put the nut into the cone part of the cracker and squeeze the handle and you hear that satisfying crunch that means you're about to be munching very soon. Bits of shell fall into the body of the thing, so you're not flinging them all over the place, until you dump them out.

All the nuts I bought fit into the cracker well enough that they could crack. Some fell a little further in and some stuck out the top, but they all worked.

The conecracker comes in a few different colors and two price points. The less expensive one has a plastic body and the more expensive has a zinc body. I'm guessing that over time, the zinc model will last longer, but the plastic is pretty thick, so it should be sturdy, too. But ... it's possible to break plastic if you try hard enough.

Who's it for: Nutty people, obviously. This would also be a nice gift item, along with some nuts. In a basket. Include a basket.

Pros: Works well.

Cons: Unlike old-style crackers like my mom had, this wouldn't make sense for cracking crab legs or lobster claws.

Wishes: I wish it was just slightly larger. There are occasionally some really large walnuts.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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