Monday, February 29, 2016

Le' Cook Spoonula

I get tons of emails from people asking me to write about their Kickstarter projects. Mostly I say no, because it's hard to have an opinion about something I haven't actually seen or used. Some things look good in concept, but the execution isn't that great.

This time, though, I got a chance to get my hands on the product while it's still on Kickstarter. And as soon as I saw it, I wondered why it took so long for this to exist.

The Le' Cook spoonula is a silicone spoonish-spatula with a hook. Literally. A hook that lets you hang it on the edge of a pot.

That's it. That's the concept. And it makes so much sense. If you want to leave the spoonula in the pot, you can. If you want to hang it, you can. If you take it out of the pot, the hook keeps the spoon-end off the counter.

Speaking of the spoon in spoonula, this isn't a deep spoon. You won't be using it to serve soup. But it's got a gentle curve to it that makes is spoonish rather than a flat spatula.

Who's it for: People who stir things when they cook. Seriously, it's a basic item.

Pros: Simple concept that actually works.

Cons: Like any startup these are more expensive than what you'll find at the dollar store bargain bin.

Wishes: I imagine they'll make more styles eventually, so I won't even mention that.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.


  1. Just curious - Isn't the hook a bit low on the handle? Wouldn't it get submerged in a soup or stew, etc.? I would think that it might get dirty, then drip down the outside of the pot and onto the burner. Am I wrong?

    1. Yeah, it would submerge into a deep soup. More useful for shallower endeavors. Or I guess it depends on how drippy the stuff is. I think it's placed so it balances with the handle down if you put it on a counter.

      I'll have to try it with something like spaghetti sauce next time I make it and see if it does drip outside the pot.

  2. Hi Donna,
    This is Jhon, the creator of Le' Cook spoonula. Thank you for your honest review for our product. Yes, Le' Cook Spoonula was designed for simple cooking like scramble egg, or any stir fry foods on a flat cooking pan.

    This will be the first cooking utensil in our line of cookware - if this campaign is successful we will create more kitchen utensils in the future with our 'L' Hook design, so you can hook everything to the side of any cooking pan (ex: soup ladle, flat spatulas, turners, etc.) :)

    Here is our full campaign page

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