Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Measuring Citrus Squeezer

I've been a fan of the Mexican-style citrus squeezers for a long time. They work well, they get a lot of the juice out, and I don't end up with citrus juice all over my hands.

You can find the basic squeezers all over the place. Som are sturdier than others and they're made from different materials, but they're basically the same thing.

The new squeezer from Crisp is a little different. instead of just being a squeezer, it also measures the juice - and keeps it confined - while you squeeze.

It makes sense. I mean, if you know you need the juice from one lemon or lime for your glass of lemonade, it's no big deal. But if you need 1/4 cup for a recipe, it sure is handy to be able to just squeeze that amount.

There are measurements on the cup as well as little spouts on two sides for easy pouring, so you can pour out the juice and then keep squeezing if you need to.

The squeezer is made from a hard plastic and it's dishwasher safe.

If you don't already have a squeezer that you love, or if you get annoyed at trying to squeeze juice into a cup without having it spill and splurt all over, then you might want to look at this one.

Who's it for: People who squeeze fresh lemons or limes.

Pros: It measures!

Cons: Doesn't seem quite as sturdy as metal ones. Then again, you're squeezing fruit and not rocks.

Wishes: The largest marked measurement is 1/3 cup. It would be nice if it had one more, for 1/2 cup.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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