Friday, November 21, 2014

Wonderbag #Giveaway

The Wonderbag is an interesting item. It's a big fluffy round insulated  ... thing ... with a drawstring top.

What do you do with this ... thing?

Well, it was originally designed for use in third-world countries where fuel for cooking isn't readily available. You can heat a pot to boiling, put it in the Wonderbag, seal it up, and let it slow-cook for hours.

How long it retains heat depends a little bit on how warm your environment is. If you live in an igloo, it's going to cool off a lot faster than if you live in a normal house.

You can also use it to keep cool things cool.

I reviewed it here, if you want more of my thoughts about it.

Wonderbag has a new holiday version that you can find on Amazon

Wonderbag is sending this to the winner; I did not receive anything for hosting this giveaway - I just thought you might want one! GIVEAWAY IS OVER

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