Friday, November 14, 2014

GIR #Giveaway

My friends at GIR are certainly in the holiday spirit, and they're offering a really nice prize package to someone.

I absolutely LOVE their spatulas. I reviewed them before and most recently I reviewed their new silicone lids, that are still in Kickstarter (now available!) land. These guys make nice stuff!

They just feel right.

For the giveaway, they're throwing in THREE of them - in Ultimate, Mini, and Skinny sizes.

That's a pretty good prize right there.


They just launched a couple new items, and you get one of each of those, too - an Ultimate Flip and the new Spoon! I've tried both of these and they're quite handy (hands in photo not included).

Woo hoo! It's like ... uh, some holiday when people get gifts.

No only do you get FIVE cool items, but you get your choice of colors. The new items are available in 7 colors, but the spatulas come in even more. Lots and lots and LOTS of pretty colors, to match anyone's kitchen.

Well, maybe not if you're still sporting avocado green or harvest gold. I don't think they have those.

GIR is supplying these items for the givewaway.


  1. I love the yellow one! Thank you1

  2. Such pretty colors that it was hard to choose.

  3. Very nice. Of course I love the pink, magenta and purple! Perfect to include with a Christmas gift!

  4. Would love a rainbow of colors. The teal is my favorite

  5. I like all of the red stuff because I like red things in my kitchen (I keep the green stuff in a drawer, true story!). I like the Ultimate Red Spatula

  6. I like teal, but red shows up in my drawer so much easier.

  7. Red Red Red all the items available in Red. Flip it


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