Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Degustabox April 2018

Every month, Degustabox sends me a box full of goodies so I can tell you all about them. These are the same boxes you'd get if you subscribed. Most of the products are full-size products, although some small free samples are also included.

This is April's box, which they called a "Roadtrip" box. It makes sense, since there are a lot of items you'd take with you on a road trip.

Alo Spring aloe juice
Hey, it's aloe juice with fruits! This would be great for a road trip, right? You absolutely need to bring along some tasty beverages. This one was blended with cranberry, mulberry, and blackberry juice.

Popchips Nutter Puffs
Hmmm. How to describe? Like those puffy cheese snacks, but with peanut butter flavor instead of cheese. These would be really interesting to mix with other snacks ... pretzels, cheese crackers, nuts. It would be fun on a trip. Or of course they're good on their own, too.

Amazin' Raisins
We agree that I don't like raisins, right? Okay, so I tried the lemon-flavored ones, and they were REALLY lemony. They were interesting. Now that I'm thinking about it, they could be fun baked into blueberry muffins. I'm still not sold on raisins in general, but these have potential.

Fini Sweets
Fini Shock Tongues Chewy Candy, Kollisions Chewy Candy, Tornadoes Fizzy Chewy Candy
For sure you need candy on a road trip, and Fini Sweets sent along an interesting selection of gummy candies. I haven't tried all of them because I'm opening one bag at a time, but I'd definitely like to take them on a trip. Okay, maybe I should plan a trip.

La Tortilla Factory tortillas
The tortillas I got are a blend of corn and wheat. I've bought these many times. They have the flavor or corn tortillas, but they're more flexible and less prone to breaking and crumbling because of the wheat. I'm more than happy to get more because these are really good.

Ah, popcorn. When I make popcorn, it's usually a pretty big bowl, but it's nice to have snack-sized bags for a little nosh when I've just gotten home and I need a little something to tide me over until I can cobble together a real meal. These would be great for a trip, too. Hey, add them to the snack mix!

Zeigler's Fruit & Veggie Juices
This sounded interesting, but unfortunately it arrived with a leak and I decided not to risk it. It smelled really good though. I'm sure I would have sent me a replacement if I asked, but I didn't ask. These are shelf-stable which is great for a trip - no need to keep them on ice, so you can just chill the ones you want to drink.

Country Archer Jerky
Jerky seems like a natural for a road trip since its packed with protein and very portable. This one was mango habanero, which would certainly wake everyone up. And then you've got drinks handy!

Torie and Howard chewy candy
Ooooh, more chewy candies for the road trip! These are vegan, free of the eight major allergens, gluten free, and they don't have any artificial colors or flavors. It must be tough to travel if your family members have allergies. At home, you know what you're cooking, and you probably know what local restaurants are safe. But on the road ...? It's nice to have a snack that everyone can share.

La Tortilla Factory barbacoa slow cooker sauce
I don't think this would go on the road, but it would make a nice, easy meal if you're heading towards a cabin with a slow cooker, or if the road trip is in an RV. Cook the beef, shred, make tacos with those tortillas you brought along, and dinner's ready. Okay, maybe add some condiments, if you must.

Goya plantain chips
Definitely road trip food since these are thin, crunchy, and tasty. Plaintains are like starchy, potato-y bananas, if you haven't had them. So it makes sense someone has turned them into chips. And hey, if you like the idea of peanut butter and bananas, you could eat these with the peanut butter puffy things! Or, they'd be a nice side dish with those barbacoa tacos, right?

In case you missed it up there at the top, I get these boxes from Degustabox for free every month.

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