Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hydaway Kids Cup

Photo courtesy of Hydaway
Have I mentioned how great my neighbors are? When I have a product that's geared towards kids, I have a ready-made little tester at my disposal. And he doesn't charge anything!

So when Hydaway offered me their new collapsible cup for kids, I went right next door with my sample.

I first saw the Hydaway cups at the Housewares show a couple years ago, and I thought the idea was brilliant. The cup collapses down to a puck that you can shove in a pocket or purse.

The kids cup is pretty much the same thing (they're the ones in front in the photo) but they're smaller and they have a wider bottom.

The result of the testing was pretty amusing. The cup was fine, but the child was a bit to young to use it unsupervised. Oopsie. He did manage to squirt himself in the face a couple times, which he thought was hysterically funny.

Okay, I thought it was funny, too. So did his mom.

I still think the cups are a good idea for adults and for kids who are old enough to understand the concept. I also like them for condiments and sauces, since you can shorten them bit by bit to take less storage space.

But for the super-little kids who think everything is a toy ... well, from what I've heard, it also makes a great bath toy.

I got this product from the manufacturer at no cost to me.

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