Thursday, May 24, 2018

Amped Wireless Smart Plug

I am a total geek. I love computers and wireless gadgets and remote control stuff. So when I got an offer to review the Amped Wireless Smart Plug, I immediately started brainstorming what I could plug into it. It works with Alexa, so it turns analog devices into super-smart ones that can be controlled by voice.

It was suggested that it could be used for a slow cooker or any other kitchen device that's not so smart. It would need to be a thing that turns on when it's plugged in, rather than something that has a bunch of smart settings.

I knew that my slow cooker was way too smart for it, but I decided to test it with some lights that are frankly a bit annoying to turn on and off.

I have to say that this was super-easy to set up compared to a few other devices that were a little quirky. And it works every time. Whoop, whoop.

Anywhere in the house, you could control anything that plugs into an outlet. Turn on a lamp in the living room or turn off the bedroom lamp without lifting your head from the pillow. In the kitchen, it could certain control that slow cooker, but after brainstorming a bit, I thought that it would be genius for an electric water kettle. You could turn it on from the bedroom and the water would be piping hot for your tea by the time you got to the kitchen.

I have a feeling that most folks who've adopted Alexa also have smart appliances, so they might not actually need this in the kitchen. On the other hand, we all have lamps, lights, and other things that plug into non-smart outlets all over the house.

I received this at no cost.

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