Thursday, November 19, 2015

Red Cup Shot Glasses

You know those big red plastic cups that tend to show up at casual barbecues and parties? Well, apparently they're not just inexpensive drinkware, but they've become a "thing." There are a whole bunch of other products dedicated to the look of that classic red cup.

One item that I thought would make a useful gift rather than just a haha-funny grab bag gift was the Red Cup Shot Glasses.

Of course you can use them as shot glasses, but if you don't often serve shots, then they'd be great for individual condiments, flavored butters, sauces, soup shooters, tasters, mise en place, tiny desserts, or for when you want to give your guests some extra stuff that they can add to their own plate.

For being a fun item, these are solid, dishwasher safe, and they stack fairly well for storage. They actually look higher-end than the cups they represent. And let's face it, they look cute.

I doubt I'll ever use mine for shots, but I'll definitely be using them.

Who's it for: People with a sense of humor who like fun and casual serving pieces. These won't match with that heirloom crystal all that well.

Pros: Fun gift item that's actually useful. Comes in a decent box for easy wrapping.

Cons: Possibly too simple as a stand-alone gift.

Wishes: While the red cup is a thing, they'd be fun in a multi-color set.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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