Monday, November 2, 2015

CoolGrip Caddy from NewMetro Design

I know some people hate using a microwave, but I actually get a lot of use out of mine. I love it for steaming vegetables and for cooking hard squashes.

But, to be honest, the thing I use it for most is for reheating food. Few recipes are sized for just one person, and that's actually fine with me. I like having leftover dinner for lunch, and I don't mind having dinner re-runs. It gives me time to do other things, like make crazy desserts, breads, cocktails, and salads.

The problem with cooking or reheating anything in the microwave - for me, at least - is getting the hot stuff out of the oven. Sure, I have mitts and towels and all, but the CoolGrip Caddy is another interesting option.

The caddy has a hole in the center to nestle bowls, so that you can lift the caddy and it grabs the bowl so you can lift it out easily. It also holds plates nicely. And the larger ring around the outside catches spills and spatters.

Heavens knows I spill and spatter in the microwave. Heh.

While the caddy certainly isn't a necessary kitchen item, it also isn't one that you have to fret about storing. I just keep it in the microwave so it's always waiting for me.

Who's it for: People who use their microwaves for more than heating coffee.

Pros: Hey, it works!

Cons: Not a required kitchen item.

Wishes: I wish it fit in my dishwasher. But that's the dishwasher's fault, really. Lots of normal things don't fit properly.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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