Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kabob Skewer Rack

Do you kabob?

What kind of skewers do you use?

Do they work?

One thing I've learned about cooking anything on a skewer is that sometimes they spin. You turn the skewer, and the food spins so that the same side is always facing the heat. It's annoying.

One other little problem is that depending on what you've got on the skewer, sometimes the whole skewer turns. It's hard to get all sides evenly cooked.

So when I got the Kabob Skewer Rack from a company called Cave Tools, I was happy to see they addressed both of those issues.

To keep the food from spinning, the skewers are flat instead of round or square, so the skewer can hang onto the food better. They're thin enough that they're easy to insert and remove from the food. There's also a little round ... hmmm ... let's call it a washer, that you can use to push the food off of the skewer.

To address the uneven cooking, the skewers come with a rack they sit on, and the rack has special indentations that hold the skewers in different positions at 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, and 315 degrees - eight different positions, so the food will cook on all sides.

The one downside to the rack is that it lifts the food higher if you're using it on a grill. But it's not super-high so it should be fine on most grills. And, seriously, you don't have to use the rack - you could just use the skewers.

The upside to the rack is that since the food isn't resting on the grill grates, you won't end up with food sticking to the grill. And, you can use it in the oven on a cookie sheet and the food gets heat from all sides.

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Who's it for: Kabobbers.

Pros: Nice idea.

Cons: The set has 5 skewers and they're not super-long, so you'll need multiple sets if you have a large family or want to use these for parties.

Wishes: It would be nice if there were extra skewers included.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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