Thursday, July 9, 2015

JK Adams 1761 Collection

I've had a few folks ask me about a wooden board that I've used in photos. You can see it here:

Chex Mix!

And here:

Tips for making macarons.

And here:

Green Olive and Pimento Bread.

It's a wooden board from the J.K. Adams 1761 collection. I have a lot of different wooden boards, but what I really liked about this one was the color. I make a lot of ... well ... brown food, like bread and baked goods.

I like using wooden boards and natural colors in photos, but I also like some contrast. I mean, peanut butter cookies on a medium-brown cutting board isn't all that exciting.

This board has a whitewashed look, and it's got gray tones. And it's BIG. Which is great. I tried to take a photo of the whole board, just to show the board to you, but in my small photo space, I wasn't very successful. So here's a photo from their site:

It's got a leather loop for hanging. Most folks would probably use this as a board for cutting bread because it's long enough for large loaves, but I'm planning on using it mostly for photos.

So, when you see it on my blog, you know what it is!

Also from J.K. Adams is this slate board:

Brownie Krinkle Cookies

Slate is a type of rock, and also a color. Like slate gray, right? This type of board is usually used for serving cheese and it's from their Charcoal Slate collection. It's a dark gray - not black - with lovely texture. You can see the edges of the board in this photo.

What I love about this is that while it's dark, it's not totally black, and it's a natural material. The texture is also nice, compared to all the flat surfaces I usually use, like normal dishware and cutting boards. It's also very easy to clean.

I previously reviewed their Trilogy Collection boards, here.

If you like pretty serving items - or if you're a blogger or photographer, the J,K. Adams site has lots of fun stuff to browse through, and new items added pretty often. I found a few things just now that were new and interesting.

Who's it for: Bloggers as well as normal folks who like pretty serving pieces and cutting boards and other gear.

Pros: Good quality products; a lot of variety on their site, so there's something for everyone.

Cons: Some of the items are on the higher end of the budget, but they'll last a long, long time.

Wishes: So far, I've been very pleased with all of their items.

Source: J.K.Adams supplied these to me for my use in photos - I wasn't required to write a review. But... so many people were asking, so I figured you wanted to know!

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