Monday, July 20, 2015

3D Printed Cookie Cutters

A few years ago, I was on a mission to find a pi cookie cutter.

Not a cutter to cut pie cookies, or cookie pies. Or even pie-shaped cookies. I wanted a cookie cutter in the shape of the Greek letter pi.

I wanted it for pi day (March 17) and I wanted it just because I'm goofy and geeky. I looked for hours online and couldn't find one for sale anywhere.

Eventually, I found an obscure website where a guy would make cookie cutters from copper by hand. No doubt quenched in the tears of virgin unicorns. They were that expensive.

I let the idea rest. It wasn't that important.

Recently, I saw a mention of a guy who was making 3D printed custom cookie cutters ... well, you know I had to contact him. In no time at all, I got a reply:

So, to get started, you can send me an image of something that you'd like to make. I make cookie cutters and cookie stamps (the latter having detail on the inside in addition to the cutting edge). Cutters are $8 and stamps are $10. As far as the designing goes, the less detail the better. I ask customers to keep in mind that when baking, some of the detail will be lost.

Turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks. It is possible that I can get them done sooner but, since I'm also Assistant Manager, it's unlikely. The 1-2 weeks is also a cushion in case I experience some error with the printer (the hardware and software can both throw me curveballs every once in a while).

Well, that's reasonable.

I emailed him a pretty version of the letter Pi, and he asked me if I wanted red, green, or orange cookie cutter, and what size I wanted. In no time at all I had a brand new cookie cutter. Easy peasy.

I haven't actually tested the cookie cutter yet, but ... seriously ... it's a cookie cutter. It's not like there are moving parts or anything. The cutting edge is plenty sharp to get through cookie dough, and the shape is exactly what I wanted.

Who's it for: People who want a cookie cutter shape that might not be commercially available. Like for company or school logos.

Pros: You get exactly what you want.

Cons: You need to have a drawing or a shape they can follow, so you can't just ask for a three-horned dinosaur with a spiked tail and long eyelashes. Not that anyone would ask for that, but you know what I mean - they won't design your logo for you.

Wishes: I wouldn't mind if the cutting depth was just a little bit deeper. This is fine for cookies, but sometimes I use cookie cutters for other purposes.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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