Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LidLover Lids - Updated Post!

I've been using these lids regularly for more than a month, so I wanted to update this post.

First, the mini lids are now available for sale, and the square and rectangular are coming very soon.

The reason I love reusable lids like these is that I used to go through plastic wrap at a ridiculous pace, and a lot of it was for covering bowls of rising dough or for covering other bowls that didn't have their own dedicated covers.

So when I got a chance to test LidLover lids, I was really curious. Would they work?

Unlike other stretchy lids I've tried, these have concentric rings that make it easy to fit the lids onto different sizes of bowls or other containers.

That doesn't mean there's one size that fits everything, though. There are small lids that fit cups, glasses, jars and food cans, and three different larger lids for large containers. The largest size is sold solo; the middle-sized lids are sold as a pair of two different sizes; the smallest (now available) come as a pair of the same size.

The lids can be used right-side up, or upside down. That doesn't seem like a big deal since the lids stretch, but I found that sometimes the fit was better if I flipped it over.

The lids are made from silicone, which means they're safe in a wide range of temperatures - freezer to dishwasher to oven ... although I can't imagine why you'd use them in the oven.

I've tested them on different containers made from different materials, and they work well. One of my biggest uses for covers is my stand mixer bowl, since I need to cover it if I have bread dough rising. Over the past few years, I've tried different covers, and many of them failed to hang on when the dough rose and gasses stretched the lid.

This one, because of the rings, has plenty of ability to expand before it starts to stretch, and even with the little bit of stretch required, it hung on tight.

I've had a small one on a plastic container in the refrigerator for quite a while, and it's still holding on.

Most things that I plan on storing long-term go into containers with their own dedicated lids, but there are plenty of times when I'm marinating something, or I have a salad pre-made and in a serving bowl, and I want to cover it before it goes to the table, or I want to stop the splattering in the microwave. These lids are perfect for all of those uses.

While they work well for longer-term storage, I usually think of covers like this as a short-term solution, mostly because the containers I use for long storage have their own lids.

After using these for over a month, I have to say that they've held up well and that I actually use then quite often, both as a loose cover in the microwave, and as tighter bowl cover. I've washed them multiple times in the dishwasher, and there hasn't been any color fading or other signs of wear. While I'm sure they're not indestructible, they should last for a good long time for normal use.

I got some of the brand new mini covers recently, and I learned something new - they sent along jars with covers on them, with one of the covers right-side-up, and the other upside-down

Okay, I knew you could use them either way. But they wrote little notes on top of the lids and said that the notes could be wiped off. So I grabbed a paper towel, moistened it, and the ballpoint-pen notes wiped right off.

Isn't that cool? You can write on them and the text wipes off really easily, so you can label things in the refrigerator without permanently marking the lids and without using tape that you have to peel off - which of course could leave a sticky residue.

I know that's not the most earthshaking thing, but I thought it was worth noting.

Who's it for: People who have lidless bowls and containers.

Pros: Each one fits multiple sizes. Stretches. Wide range of temperatures.

Cons: None yet.

Wishes: Colors are limited. Not a deal breaker, but I love when products have color choices.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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