Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You need a good bread knife. You really do. I might have one for you.

You can enter to win one HERE.
I've owned a few different bread knives over the years. Most of them have been good enough. I mean, you don't need a chain saw to slice through bread.

But when I got the CLASSIC 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife from W√úSTHOF over a year ago, I learned a few things.

I knew this knife would be nice, but I didn't expect to feel such a difference between this and my other bread knives. I tried a slice-by-slice comparison with this knife and the best of the rest, and where other knives skittered over a crisp crust, this one bit in and sliced nicely - it even made neat slices of bread that was slightly warmer than it should have been.

The thing about slicing bread is that you've got several textures going on. You've got a crisp or chewy crust with a soft, squishy interior. The knife needs to be able to handle the crust without needing excess pressure that would mash the softness.

I've had this knife for a little over a year, and every time I reach for it, I'm thrilled that I have it. It makes picture-perfect bread slices every time.

If you bake a lot of home made bread, you NEED this knife. And, lucky for someone, I have a link below where you might actually WIN one.

Who's it for: People who bake a lot of bread, or who buy a lot of whole artisan loaves.

Pros: This is a quality knife that will last a lifetime.

Cons: Like any good knife, it's pricey. Whether it's worth it depends on how often you bake your own bread, or how often you buy unbaked artisan breads. 

Wishes: Hmmm. Can't think of anything, really. 

Source: I received this as a gift when I signed the contract for my bread-baking book.

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  1. I DO need a good bread knife. I have really only just gotten into bread baking this past year but am loving the results---now to collect the proper tools.


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