Monday, December 1, 2014

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Buns from Make Ahead Bread

To help send my book into the world in grand style, I enlisted the help of the bloggers (past and present) from Virtual Potluck, who all said yes and baked items from my new cookbook.

And there's a GIGANTIC giveaway, as well.

You'll find  the Virtual Potluck posts here:

Theresa from Foodhunters Guide to Cuisine
Rachel from Rachel Cooks
Marnely from Cooking with Books
Jay from Bite and Booze
Shelby from Diabetic Foodie
Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet
Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen
Vanessa from Groovy Foody
Matt from Thyme in Our Kitchen
Tara from Foodie
Susan from 30a Eats
Donna (that's me) from Cookistry

But I figured you might like to see what the cookbook looks like (I know a lot of people love browsing inside a book before they buy), so I've got a recipe pulled straight from the book for you to enjoy.

My book, Make Ahead Bread, is available for sale on Amazon. If you'd like an autographed copy, you can order one from Barbed Wire Books.

For the giveaway, we'd like to thank our sponsors who generously offered some fantastic prizes:
There will be a total of 12 winners, with three bigger prizes and nine more really great prizes. And yes, all winners get a copy of my book. You'll find even more details about the prizes here.

In addition to supplying items for the giveaway, a special thanks to Taunton Press, Silverstone, Microplane and WÜSTHOF for supplying products for all the bloggers to work with.

Giveaway is OVER!

Do you want to know more about the sponsors? You can find them on their websites and social media, here:

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Walker's Shortbread on Facebook.

This event is sponsored by multiple companies, all listed above. I want to sincerely thank them for their amazing generosity.


  1. My fave's so hard to choose but it would be sourdough cinnamon raisin.

  2. These blueberry & cream cheese buns are definitely on my list to try.

  3. My favorite bread is the bread I bake - if it's not banana bread, it's a recipe in our family for years for rolls. We can eat them non-stop forever.

  4. My favorite bread is pumpkin bread

  5. These sound pretty good to make. I still have some leftover dried cranberries from Thanksgiving. I wonder it they would be okay for a substitute.

  6. I love sourdough bread warmed with a spread of butter.

    bluedawn95864 at gmail dot com

  7. I love sourdough with honey butter.

  8. I love all bread - especially rye & challah!

  9. One of my most favorite breads in seeded rye.

  10. All bread is my very favorite~but if I have to choose one,its Rye
    with caraway seeds

  11. My favorite bread is the one I last ate! No kidding, except for horrible store-bought bread, I can't think of a kind of bread I don't like.

  12. I love a good crusty baguette :-)

  13. All bread is GREAT! It is my weakness and the one book I do not have is one on how to make it. thank you for such a great giveaway. Crossing everything I own. :-)

  14. Sourdough bread is my favorite.

  15. I have a couple of favorite, but if I had to pick just one, I would say Italian bread.

  16. Love the flavor profile of these buns. Have them bookmarked! Also asked my local library to order your book so my local community can enjoy baking your wonderful recipes :)

  17. My childhood favourite is still cheese bread.

  18. Cinnamon raisin bread is my favorite.

  19. My favorite bread is Hawaiian bread among many others:)

  20. Italian Bread leutheb(at)msn(dot)com

  21. Any kind of "warm" fresh homemade bread vs. store bought!

  22. favorite bread has to be banana an chocolate chips.... mmmm!

  23. My favorite bread is whatever is still warm from the oven.

  24. I do love bread!! My favorite is sourdough I wish I knew how to make some

  25. My favorite bread is semolina with sesame seeds.

  26. Swedish Christmas bread... love the cardamom!

  27. It is hard to decide but since I have to choose it would be pumpkin.

  28. My dad was a bread baker by trade and I always had a passion and still do for bread. My very favorite is rye bread.

  29. Congratulations on your book! I love rye bread and I make challah often!

  30. My favorite bread is cinnamon raisin. But I also am a big fan of a good pretzel bread as well.


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