Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cover Blubber review

Cover Blubber - before it's on the bowl.
I saw the Cover Blubber in a nearby kitchenwares store. Almost bought it. Didn't buy it. Regretted not buying it. Looked it up on Amazon and put it into my cart.

Then I thought, eh, I'll send an email to the company and see if they'd be interested in a review.

You see, I'm always looking for options for covering mixing bowls securely. Sure, there's plastic wrap. But I hate using something for a short time and throwing it away.
Stretching to cover the bowl.

I'm particularly interested in covers that fit my stand mixer bowl, and particularly for the times I have dough rising in the bowl.

The nice folks who make the Cover Blubber send me two different covers. One small(ish), and one really small. Neither would stretch to fit the stand mixer bowl, but that's fine. I figured that if I loved it, I'd buy more.

It can stretch a lot more.
I emailed them and asked for the dimensions on the largest cover, just to see if it would in fact fit my stand mixer bowl, and said that rising dough was one of my tests of stretchy bowl covers, since the expanding gasses inside the bowl need to be contained.

And they said, well, we really don't recommend that. Our covers are meant for use in the refrigerator and freezer.


After reading a little more (seriously, they're bowl covers ... how much instruction should there be?) the instructions said that you shouldn't leave the covers on anything at room temperature for more than three days. Warmth was to be avoided.


So there's no way I could use these for allowing dough to rise in my bread proofer, and probably not on the counter on a regular basis. Bummer.

So, I tried them in the refrigerator, to cover some cucumbers I was marinating. I like the stretchiness and the weird feel of the rubbery cover and I liked the colors. I slipped the cover onto the bowl and it slipped off.

Oops, the bowl was a little wet on the outside. I wiped the spillage off of the bowl and off of the cover, and put it back on the bowl. This time it stayed just fine.

When I took the bowl out of the refrigerator to stir the ingredients, condensation appeared on the outside of the bowl ... and again, the cover didn't stay on the bowl.


I wanted to like these. I really did. And I sort of do like them, but I'm not fond of the limited-use aspect. Most things that I keep in the refrigerator or freezer are in storage containers that have their own lids. Once in a while, I have something in a metal mixing bowl that needs to be refrigerated for a short time, and these work fine for that purpose, unless I need to remove the cover and put it back on again and condensation occurs.

Who's it for: These would probably be fine for folks who want to cover cut fruits, vegetables, and random bowls of stuff for cold storage and aren't concerned about warm storage.

Pros: Colors are bright and they grab well if the outside surface of the bowl (or whatever) is dry. These stretch a LOT, which is great.

Cons: Not dishwasher safe; shouldn't be used for covering things long-term at room temp or warmer.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer at no cost to me.

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