Friday, August 22, 2014

Cookbook #Giveaway

Want cookbooks? I have FIVE to give away to one lucky winner. Well, technically there are four cookbooks, and one book about food.

Here we go. These are not sponsored. The books are from my personal collection and I will pack and mail these to the winner. Good luck!

by Matt Pellegrini 
(AUTOGRAPHED by the author)

I wrote about the book here. This is more than a cookbook, this is a a whole lot of how-to's about baking bread, from kneading to forming to ... well, all of it. Great for new bakers and for the more experienced. And the recipes are pretty awesome, too.

This particular copy is autographed by the author.

(Betty Crocker)

Pies and tarts. Tarts and pies. You get the idea. Paperback.

by Emeril Lagasse

Dude's got a lot of books. Lots and lots and lots of books. This is one. Maybe one of his more obscure, but still typical Emeril. Hardcover.

(The Boxtops for Education version)

Betty's got a lot of books, too. This is the 11th edition of this one, in a hardcover with a ring binder inside, which makes it nice for keeping pages open on the kitchen counter. The Boxtops for Education version has all the same content as the regular 11th edition with some extra stuff. A great basic cookbook with good reference information. Everyone needs at least one of this type of cookbook in their collection.

I wrote about this edition of the book here and here.

by Frederick Kaufman

The title tells it all. Food in America. Chomp-chomp. Great for trivia buffs and people who like to read about food history. Obviously. Paperback.

Giveaway is over

The total current reasonable value of these five books on Amazon (depending on the seller) is about $88; full retail is higher ... but no one pays full retail, right?

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