Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Red's Natural Foods Burritos

Let me be perfectly honest.

Since I've been living alone, I've been buying more heat-and-eat foods. I still cook from scratch, and I still like making some more complicated dishes, but there are days when I get busy, I'm past hungry, and all I want is a quick lunch.

So, when the folks at Red's Natural Foods sent me a bunch of coupons, I stocked up. (Red's also makes "bowls" but they didn't have them at the store I went to.

I tossed the burritos in the freezer and munched on them when I had one of those day. Home from shopping and too hungry to make something else. Saving the leftovers for dinner. Whatever.

I've tried frozen burritos before, and the one thing I remembered was that they were pretty much all the same, no matter if you got chicken, beef, or pork. Same flavors. Nothing to see here.

I bought a bunch of different Red's burritos, and every one was different. It tasted like what the label said it was. There was cilantro and lime flavor in the one that was supposed to have those flavors, and there was steak in the steak burrito. And they were super-easy. Just microwave and eat.

The burritos were the perfect size for a lunch for me, but they'd be a little small for someone with a larger appetite. Or maybe serve them with sides and toppings. But really, the whole point for me was to have a super-quick and easy meal. So I didn't serve them with any sides or toppings.

If it's important, these are natural, non-GMO, and organic.

Who's it for: Hungry people who like burritos.

Pros: Easy, tasty.

Cons: A little more expensive than the non-natural brands.

Wishes: I wish I could find their other products at my local store. I'll be looking.

Source: I received coupons from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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