Thursday, June 1, 2017

Organic Mahatma and Organic Carolina

I am a rice fiend. I'm always trying new brands, new types, new recipes, and new gadgets for cooking the rice.

So, when a company asked if I wanted samples of their white and brown rice to try, I said yes. They sent me Mahatma Organic Brown Rice ...

 ... and Carolina Organic Long Grain White Rice.

I tried both of them, in both of my rice cookers, and in different recipes. The result? To be honest, the white rice was pretty similar to the rice I had been using. Which is a very good thing. It was a nice rice with good flavor when I cooked it very plainly, and it was perfectly happy to have flavor added to it.

The brown rice, though, was a little different. It seemed to cook better, and had a better texture. When I cooked it until it was "just done" the rice had nice chew and the grains stayed separate. When I cooked it further with more water (not quite risotto, but a softer texture) the grains still stayed separate rather than going pasty, which sometimes happens. This was really nice.

Overall, I like both of them, and I'll look for them in stores.

Who's it for:  People who like rice.

Pros: Good flavor, good quality.

Cons: Let's face it; rice isn't very exciting.

Wishes: I'd love to see these in 5-pound bags. Did I mention that I eat a lot of rice?

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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