Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Salton Easy Bread

If your pod-style coffee maker and your bread machine romanced each other, the result might be something like the Salton Easy Bread. It's a bread machine for people who want the easiest process possible.

It couldn't possibly be easier than this, unless your neighbor baked a loaf of bread and delivered it to you.

The concept is just like coffee machines, where you have your pre-measured coffee in a capsule or pod.

But in this case, you have capsules that contain bread ingredients - flour, yeast, salt, flavors - that you insert into the machine.

The machine pierces the capsule and the ingredients fall into the machine's mixing/baking bowl. There's a water container at the back of the machine - just like on your coffee machine - and it dispenses measured water into the bowl.

Buttons on the front of the machine let you select a few basic things - like whether you want a light, dark, or medium crust - but other than that, it's all pretty automatic. When the bread is done, you open a tray in front, remove the bowl, and flip the bread out. Just like a regular bread machine.

There are quite a few different types of bread mixes available, ranging from a basic loaf to one that's super-seedy and rustic. I've tried most of them, and they're all good.

The loaves aren't as large as my other bread machine, but that's really not a problem. These are easy enough to make that folks could make a new loaf every day, if they wanted to.

Who's it for: People who want a really easy way to bake bread.

Pros: Easy. Very easy.

Cons: While there are a number of different types of bread, it's not infinite.

Wishes: Make-your-own pods would be awesome. I could assemble my own recipes, store them, and when I want to bake it would just be really simple.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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