Friday, May 13, 2016

Barbarian Bar Tool

If you ever happen to need to squeeze a lime at the same time you're fighting off a bear in the woods, the Barbarian Bar Tool is for you.

Okay, just kidding.

The Barbarian Bar Tool is a citrus squeezer with other tools attached - opener, corkscrew, zester, knives, can opener - pretty much everything you'd need to make cocktails.

Well, except the glass and ingredients. You need those, too.

While it might be easier to pick up a knife to cut a lemon, if you've got limited space for tools or you're taking this with on a picnic or camping, or you want to show off a fancy cocktail tool at a home party, this is definitely for you. It just looks mean.

The citrus squeezer itself is sturdy and works well. I haven't used all of the other tools, but I've fiddled around with them and they all seem appropriate for their tasks.

Who's it for:
Cocktail makers.

Pros: It does pretty much everything.

Cons: It's a tad expensive.

Wishes: What! No grater? Just kidding. I think it does enough.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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