Monday, April 20, 2015

The Mill Fudge Factory Fine Spirits Fudge

Your mom called. She wants fudge for Mother's Day. And if it's got a little hint of hootch, she's okay with that, too.

I recently got a chance to sample the 1-pound box of Fine Spirits Fudge from The Mill Fudge Factory, and I've got some for you, too.

Before I got the offer, I didn't know anything about the company, but I figured fudge can't be bad, so I said yes first and researched later.

The company is more impressive than I expected. They were highly rated by the Cooking with Paula Deen magazine, and the fudge is made from scratch in small batches in New Hampshire. And the 1-pound batch of fudge came in a nice box tied with a ribbon. Nice for gift-giving.

So that's good.

This Baileys fudge is one of "Fine Spirits" fudges.
Photo courtesy of Mill Fudge Factory
They have a number of different types of fudge, but the one I got had spirits (are they friendly spririts?) in three of the four types of fudge - and this is the same collection you'll be getting, if you win.

The flavors in the Fine Spirits box are: Scottish whisky, Little bit O' Heaven (with Baileys Irish cream), Cabin Fever (with maple whisky), and Belgian chocolate.

I wouldn't refuse any of them. They're all very different from each other, with flavors added by the whiskies they're infused with - but they're not going to give you a blast of alcohol or even a little whiff - all you get is the flavor without the buzz, so if the kids sneak into mom's fudge, it's not going to be a problem.

Well, not a problem for the kids. Mom might have a different idea.

The fudge is smooth, with just a little bit of texture. The company makes a Scottish-style fudge, so it's not as silky as some commercial types of fudge. But it's not grainy either.

The fudge is best when it's fresh, or you can freeze it for longer storage.


For the giveaway, the company is asking that you sign up for their newsletter, which also automatically gives you a 10% coupon for everything on their site, so you can buy lots and lots of fudge for mom, and you, and daughter, and you, and daughter-in-law, and you, and grandma, and you, and granddaughter, and you ... or something like that.

If you want to sign up for the newsletter and get you coupon, and you don't want to enter the giveaway, you can sign up for the giveaway here:

If you're entering the contest, there will be a code phrase you'll get after you sign up. You'll need that to verify that you've subscribed for the contest entry.

Mill Fudge Factory provided samples for me and will ship directly to the winner at no cost to me.  You can find them on:



  1. I was already subscribed, but tried through your link 4 times, and didn't get a response from the site :(

    1. Instead of leaving the code, leave me the email that you subscribed under, and if you win, I'll ask them to verify.

  2. I had problem with the fudge factory getting back to me with my code
    that I was to submit~tried again today to no avail.

    1. Instead of leaving the code, leave me the email that you subscribed under, and if you win, I'll ask them to verify.


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