Monday, April 13, 2015

Le Creuset World Cuisine Balti Pot

I like cooking vessels that are built for utility. A stock pot is a wonderful thing. But there are other cooking vessels that I think are drop-dead gorgeous. Sure, they're made to be used, but the design makes them ... more.

That's how I feel about the Le Creuset Balti Pots. They're part of the World Cuisine line that includes tagines, woks, and other interesting pots. When I saw the Balti, I giggled a bit. I loved the shape. I could imagine it with soup or risotto in it.

I had no idea what a Balti dish was originally used for, but I wanted it. And then I got it. It's good to be a blogger. Isn't the color stunning?

The Le Creuset site explained that it was used for curry-like dishes in Pakistan, and foods were served right in the pot along with some naan.

Well, okay then. It sure as heck was pretty enough to use for a serving vessel. I used it for serving the Miracle Pasta recipe, here. And I'm sure you'll be seeing it on my blog a lot more in the future.

And I used it for cooking soup. Somehow I didn't get a photo of that.

I'm planning on cooking a balti dish in the pot, at least once ... Le Creuset has one here that looks good.

Next up, though is risotto.

The Balti comes in two different sizes, and six different colors - two different blues, along with red, orange, yellow, and green. Make sure you check it out - and all the other new World Cuisine items. There are a few others I've got my eye on, that's for sure!

Who's it for: People who like stylish yet useful cookware.

Pros: It's cast iron but doesn't need seasoning.

Cons: Cast iron is heavy; some people don't like that.

Wishes: I wish I had the whole darned set.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer at my request.

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