Friday, March 6, 2015

Kitchen Buddies Silicone Muffin Cups #Giveaway

Silicone muffin cups, 2 of each of 6 colors
When silicone muffin cups first arrived on the scene, I was pretty skeptical. Paper liners were traditional and easy and cheap and they were what I was used to.

Silicone muffin cups are obviously more expensive than paper liners, but they're reusable, so if you bake enough cupcakes and muffins, they pay for themselves. Of course, if you win some, they don't need to pay for themselves, right?

Another objection I had to silicone liners was that I imagined that people would throw them away, just like they toss the paper ones. But I think that these days, people know they're reusable, so they're not as likely to throw them away.

But now that I've gotten used to having silicon muffin cups around, I'm hooked. For one thing, I can bake in them without using a muffin pan. I still do use a pan when I'm making a dozen cupcakes. But when I'm baking one or two, it's nice to just use the silicone cups.

Krusteaz chocolate chunk muffins cooked in silicone muffin cups.
And there are other uses for the silicone muffin cups. You can freeze things in them, use them for mise en place, or use them in the microwave. I actually wrote a whole post about what you can use them for, besides baking. And they're dishwasher safe.

So, when the folks at Kitchen Buddies asked if I wanted to give some away, I said heck, yeah. They sent me samples, and I compared them to other silicone cups I already have. They're a nice thickness - a tad thicker and some that I got free with a muffin pan, but still thin enough so you can easily turn them inside out to remove the muffins or to clean them. They're also slightly larger than some others I have, giving you a little more room for the cupcakes or muffins.

I'm giving away three sets of the silicone muffin liners - one to each of three lucky winners, but if you need some right away, you can find them on Amazon. And, to make the deal sweeter, if you use the coupon code P2IUU5XV, you'll get $3 off your purchase, making these super-affordable.

Just go to THIS LINK to find them, toss them in your cart, and use the code when you buy to get your $3 discount. It's good until March 31, 2015.

If you want to know more about the company, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Product was provided at no cost to me; the manufacturer will be shipping directly to the winners.

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