Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hurom HH Elite Slow-Speed Juicer

Photo courtesy of Hurom.
These juicer people keep upping the ante on juice-making. The newest offering from Hurom, the HH Elite slow-speed juicer has a re-designed auger that is made to extract even more juice from whatever goes into the machine.

More like a mortar and pestle slow grinding rather than a spinning sort of thing, if that makes any sense. I have to say that the pulp that came out of it was pretty darned dense and dry.

But even more amazing was how quiet it was while it was juicing. My very first juicer was louder than my blender or my food processor. This one is a whole lot quieter. You can make your juice while everyone in the house is sleeping, and they'll never notice.

The Hurom HH Elite Juicer comes with two different baskets, so you can choose more or less pulp in your juice. The machine has a cap over the juice port, so if you have different ingredients they can blend in the machine before you dispense it. Or you can leave it open to extract the juice as you make it.

If you're juicing something that doesn't want to behave, the juicer stops, and then you reverse it and then keep going. I needed to do that once when I fed it a little faster than it could eat, but for the most part, it juiced right through everything pretty quickly.

Assembly and disassembly is pretty easy, and once you've done it a number of times, it's even easier, because you know how it all fits.

Fresh pineapple and raspberry juice.
Cleanup is simple, too - run water through it to clean most of it, then take it apart and get the details. Since there aren't any sharp teeth, the baskets are easier to handle and easier to clean, and if any bits seem stuck, a quick swipe with a brush takes care of them pretty easily.

If you plan on leaving this on your counter, there's a cap that fits on top to keep dust or critters out of it when it's not in use. Good feature if you're not a daily juicer or in summer when there are flying critters that might decide to make a home in the juicer.

This is a very solidly-built unit, much like the previous Hurom I tested - no small fiddly pieces, and nothing that looks like it's likely to break. It should last a long time, so if you plan on doing a lot of juicing, this one's a good choice.

Who's it for: Serious juice lovers.

Pros: Very quiet. Very thorough juicing. Easy to clean,

Cons: A unit like this is understandably expensive.

Wishes: I personally like the silver color, but these days people tend to like more color choices.

Source: I received a unit just for review; I have since returned it.

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