Monday, June 11, 2018

Degustabox July 2018

Every month, Degustabox sends me one of these boxes of goodies (at no cost to me) so I can tell you all about it. This month was pretty easy to describe because I was familiar with most of the products already.

Maybe I was just hungry when this arrived, but I wanted to sample everything, as soon as I opened the box. But I waited until I got a photo. Dang. I wanted to bite ALL THE THINGS. Well, not the canned tomatoes ... but the snacky things!

So here we go!

Tickle Water
Okay, I'd never heard of this before, but it's flavored fizzy water. The name is cute, right? The can is quite different since it's clear plastic with a traditional metal top and pull-tab like a regular can. This drink is designed for kids, so it's a smaller can than usual, but it's a nice amount for adults who don't want to guzzle a full 12 ounces. I got the watermelon flavor and it was subtle, but tasty.

Walker's Shortbread
I've had these cookies quite a few times. They're good. What I find interesting is all the different shapes these come in, sometimes based on holidays or seasons. In any case, shortbreads are great for a snack or with coffee, but I've also used them as the base for cheesecakes. This is a cookie that's nice to have on hand, since it goes with pretty much everything.

True Citrus (True Lemon)
I actually wrote a whole blog post about this product ... a long time ago. It's basically crystallized lemon juice that you can add to water or tea, and it'a also good in recipes when you don't happen to have fresh lemon juice on hand. I like to add it to water that I carbonate. It's nicely tart and super-easy. Besides lemon flavor, you can get other citrus flavors as well.

That's It
This is a little fruit/snack bar. The one I got was the zesty version with apple, mango, and chili. There are other versions with other fruits and vegetables, as well as chocolate. This is a raw product that is kosher and vegan and has no preservatives. Seems like it's about as close as you'll get to fresh fruit in a super-compact form.

Goya Low Sodium Black Beans
I've been using Goya products for ... decades ... and I've always been happy with them. And black beans are something that I like to keep on hand. I've become awfully fond of black bean and corn salad, and they're also great for other salads, soups, and even black bean hummus.

Goya Sazonador Total
The label says this is the perfect seasoning. I have to agree that it's pretty much an all-purpose seasoning for most Mexican foods. Like, you know, that black bean and corn salad I mentioned earlier. Since this has cumin in it, it won't be appropriate for your spaghetti sauce, but it would be lovely on grilled meats, added to tacos, sprinkled onto quesadillas, or ... you know, a black bean and corn salad. I also used it as a sprinkle on popcorn, which was fun.

Goya Corn Tortillas
I always have tortillas on hand, so I'm more than happy to get a package of corn tortillas in one of these boxes. Leftover chicken, pork, and steak often turn into tacos, and I particularly like corn tortillas for quesadillas. I've bought Goya tortillas quite a few times, and I've always been happy with them. Yum. Tacos.

Mutti Whole Peeled Tomatoes
I never paid attention to the Mutti brand of tomato products before I started getting these boxes, but now I'm quite fond of them. They're good quality, with lovely flavor. I've tried quite a few different products from them, and I'm more than happy to have more. I'm not sure yet what I'll use these for, but I can guarantee that they won't be hanging around here for very long.

Lundberg Family Farms Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips
I'm most familiar with Lundberg Family Farms because of their wide variety of grains and rices, so I was a little surprised to see the name on a bag 'o chips. And now I wonder why I've never seen cinnamon sugar tortilla chips before. It makes so much sense!

I got a few pops along with a coupon for a full-size package. These are candies that have an ingredient that's supposed to be good for your teeth, which is kind of a neat idea. A little candy after dinner now makes a whole lot more sense.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but every box comes with a sheet that shows what's on the box, and then there's something on the back - like a word search puzzle, a recipe, or something else of interest. This time, there's a recipe and an announcement about a context for Degustabox subscribers. Fun!

In case you missed it, I get these boxes for free from Degustabox. Yay, free.

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