Friday, December 15, 2017

Degustabox December 2017

This is the last Degustabox shipment for the year, and there were certainly some fun things. They send me a box every month, so I can describe them to you. Good deal, huh? I think my neighbors like it, too, because I share with them.

And by share, I mean that if it has coconut in it, they get it for sure, and then they also get some other things as well. I'm only one person, so there are plenty of times when I decide that I just can't eat it all.

Barilla Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
There are so freaking many ways to use this. Like ... with some cheese on a cracker. Or on a sandwich. Or on a homemade pizza. The jars are small, but they pack a lot of flavor in a small space. This is the kind of thing it's good to have on hand because it's so versatile.

Barilla Ready Pasta
This was interesting. It's pre-cooked pasta in a bag. You just microwave for 60 second. I happened to have a need for pasta the day the box arrived, so I checked it out. While it's not all that hard to cook pasta on the stove, I could see how this would be good to leave for the kids to make, if they're not responsible enough to boil water on the stove. Of course, it would need a sauce, but that's easy to have available, right? Or, since it's shelf stable, it could be tucked into the desk at work to add to some broth for a quick soup, or toss it with some pesto or sauce.

Mulino Bianco Sfilati
These are bread stickes with olives. I adore bread sticks. Yes, I make my own, but these are an easy snack when I'm feeling peckish but I don't want to bother with anything more complicated.

Mulino Bianco Baiocchi
These are cookies that are filled with a chocolate-hazelnut filling. What's not to love? Not only are they a cute little dessert, but they're also nice in the morning with a cup of coffee.

SuckerPunch Gourmet pickles
I'm a sucker for pickles. These are spicy, but not so hot that it ruins your tastebuds or causes pain. I've been eating these with cheese and crackers. They're a little thick for use on a sandwich, but that's on the agenda, too. I have sharp knives. I can slice them in half, no problem.

Briannas creamy balsamic vinegar
I used to be morally opposed to bottled salad dressings, but I've gotten a few different Briannas dressings, and I'm starting to come around to the convenience. The flavor is good, there isn't that odd preservative flavor that some dressings have, and the combinations are creative but not peculiar.

Cauli Rice
I know that cauliflower rice is a big thing among people who are avoiding carbs, but to be honest, I like rice. I also like cauliflower. I like cauliflower raw, steamed, roasted, and even mashed. Somehow, I just can't wrap my head around substituting cauliflower for rice though. Aside from the fact that both are white, there's not much resemblance. That said, this was okay, but not my favorite thing in the box. I thought it was better as a vegetable side dish than as a rice substitute, but for people who are low-carbing, I'm guessing they'll like the convenience of this, as opposed to using a knife to turn their raw cauliflower into rice-like bits.

Good Thins "The Beet One"
I've tried a bunch of different Good Thins crackers before, but this was a new one. They are very purple. Very. And they have a slightly beety taste. Which is okay with me, since I like beets. I think these would be awesome with goat cheese. But I've been snacking on them plain. They're weirdly different.

Ozery Morning Rounds
These weren't in the box, but there was a coupon for them. I haven't bought them yet, but I've had them before. These are interesting buns. Flatter than an English muffin, but not as thin as a pita. Different, but not so different that they're weird.

Degustabox sends me a free box of stuff every month.

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