Friday, November 17, 2017

Raw Spice Bar

I wrote about Raw Spice Bar some time ago. It's a neat idea - it's a subscription service where you get different spice blends on a regular basis.

When I last wrote about them, the amounts were pretty small. Like, you could make one recipe, perhaps, but then you couldn't make it a second time if the recipe needed a lot of spice. You could, of course, order more. But once you'd tossed the packaging, would you really remember the name of the mix? Or remember to order it?

Now, the packets are larger, holding just about an ounce of spice mix each which is a decent amount, but not so much that you'll have it hanging around until it's lost all its flavor. The subscription is quarterly, so you get plenty of time to use the spices you get and think about which ones you're going to re-order.

The packages are also nicer, which I appreciate. They reseal easily, and if you want to stand them up, the bottoms can be spread out so the packet stands on it's one. That's great if you want them open to measure and you don't want then laying flat on the counter where they can spill.

The quality of the mixes is still really good, and great for creative meal planning.

And ... you don't actually need to order a subscription, if you don't want surprise spices coming to your door. You can order mixes, individual spices, spice sets ... oh heck, don't make me tell you about it. Just go to the Raw Spice Bar website and browse around for a while. You'll see.

I received spices at no cost to me.

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