Monday, February 12, 2018

WÜSTHOF Burger Knives

When I got a set of burger knives from WÜSTHOF, I posted a photo on Facebook, and one of the first comments was something about how people don't need knives for burgers ... how silly is that?

(This was published 8/14/17 - scroll all the way to the bottom for my edit on 2/12/18 after I lived with these for a while.)

Well, I can kind of see the point, but then again, I have steak knives. And butter knives. And cheese spreading knives. And lots and lots and lots of kitchen knives.

I also have regular forks and salad forks and weird little seafood forks. My everyday flatware includes regular small spoons, tablespoons, and soup spoons.

Are burger knives necessary? Well, no, but neither are my salad forks but I use them a lot. Those weird little seafood forks, however, don't get used very often at all.

Burger knives might not be the best name for these knives because it doesn't really explain how versatile they are. The wide, flat, rounded blade is great for spreading mustard or mayo or other sauces. The serrated part of the knife was perfect for slicing a tomato. And then the knife also did a fine job slicing the burger neatly in half to make it a little easier to eat..

It's also great for stabbing into a burger from the top to make an interesting presentation.

So, yeah, the knives are good for burgers, but they'd be good for pretty much any sandwich assembly job. And probably other jobs as well. This time of year, there are a lot of tomatoes in my kitchen that need slicing.

Who's it for: People who make burgers and other sandwiches.

Pros: Nice multi-use knives. They look good stabbing a burger.

Cons: If you're counting down the top 3 knives everyone needs, these probably aren't on the list.

Wishes: Hmmm. They're knives. They cut. It's hard to come up with something I'd change.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review. The plate in the top photo was provided by Zak!

UPDATE 2/12/18

So, this post garnered a bit of controversy among my online friends, mostly those who scoffed at the idea of a knife make just for burgers. The horror!

But here's the thing. You don't just use a steak knife for steaks, do you? You might pull those out for pork chops or even a roast - any time there's some meat that you don't want to cut with the knife that came with your flatware set. You don't use a paring knife just for paring. You don't use a chef's knife just for ... uh, yeah, that's not why it has that name.

But anyway.

After living with these knives, I think perhaps the name was a bit to narrow, because these have become my everyday knives. Not burger knives, and not sandwich knives, as I originally suggested. Any time I make a meal that requires a knife to eat (as opposed to, let's say, spaghetti or risotto), I use one of these knives. Seriously. Every time.

I also use them when I'm making sandwiches. Yeah, I said that before, but it's worth repeating. These aren't just for eating food, you can use them for preparing food. And when the sandwich is finished, I use the knife to cut the sandwich in half, because I'm not some sort of savage.

Rather than storing these away in their box for fancy dinners, the box has been tossed and the knives are used almost every day. And, aside from the stunt burger in the top photo, I don't think I've used them at all for burgers.

Great knives. Possibly not a great name.

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