Monday, August 7, 2017

Better Bean

When the folks at Better Bean offered me samples of their "kid-friendly" bean products, I asked just how young the kid could be. While I don't have any younglings of my own, I do have a faux-grandchild right next door that I could borrow, and he's at the stage when he's starting to eat mushy solid foods.

The sample arrived, and snacking commenced. While the beans are kid-friendly, they aren't adult-hostile. They actually tasted pretty good. They were flavorful and even had a hint of heat. Not super-spicy that would make kids wince. But enough to introduce kids to the concept of peppers.

While I always enjoy sampling foods, the best part was watching the faux-grandchild's response to the new food.

More mama!

Mmmm! New flavor!

We didn't go through all of the flavors, but enough to get a good idea of what they were like. While they were all ready to eat as-is, many of them could work as part of a recipe. I thought one of the black bean items would have made a pretty good black bean soup, simply by mixing it into some stock.

And of course they could have worked as additions to tacos or burritos.

Mom friendly. Kid approved.

Who's it for: Pretty much anyone who likes beans.

Pros: Ready to eat as-is. Also could be used in recipes. Flavorful.

Cons: Perishable - needs to be refrigerated. So this isn't something you could stock up on for weeks and weeks in advance.

Wishes: Hmmm. I was pretty pleased with them as-is.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

Note: there's currently a popup on the website so you can get a coupon for a free container of beans. I have no idea how long it will be there, and it's not a promo from this blog. But, hey, it's free!

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