Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gift Guide: Food Gifts

Yum! Food gifts. Some of these could be standalone gifts, while others would be better as part of a gift basket. I've munched my way though these, and cooked with some of them. After the holidays, I'll be featuring some of them in recipes. Not the chips, probably. I think those are all gone. Sorry.

Fun flavors and lovely chips in bright bags. These would be fun in a gift basket, tucked into a stocking or as part of a hostess gift. The sriracha and Montreal steak sauce flavors were both pretty spicy. So yum! You can find these at Whole Foods.

A perfect gift to ship, the cookies are neatly double-bagged then packed in a tin and surrounded by festive packaging, and then the tin goes into a shipping box. The cookies were soft, yet chewy with a lovely malty taste. There are a bunch of different flavors to choose from and the tins are personalized.

Here's something for chocolate lovers - hot cocoa mix. There are a bunch of different flavors and for gifting, you can get them in these cute bottles or in tins. Nice for a stocking stuffer, or buy a whole bunch of flavors for someone who's a fiend for hot chocolate.

Does flour seem like a weird gift? Maybe not for bakers in your life. These are all alternative non-wheat flours, so they're great for folks who can't have flour or for anyone who wants to experiment a bit with different flavors and textures in baking. And, seriously, a "bouquet or flours" is just fun.

Good for snacking, there are chocolate-covered fruits or uncoated. Or, these could be used in baking, as well. Tuck them into a stocking or add then to a gift basket. My favorite was the plain tart cherries, but the chocolate covered fruits were fun, too.

So many cranberries! So many! You can choose from whole or julienned berries for baking, or whole jumbo cranberries, or fortified berries. These would be a great addition to a gift basket for anyone who loves baking, or use some to make cranberry muffins, cookies, or even pies or tarts.

Okay, who would turn down whipped chocolate honey? Not me. Savannah bee makes all kinds of different honey products. Great stocking stuffers, Also lovely to tuck into a gift basket. This isn't just for cooks, but great for anyone who sweetens their tea or who likes honey on biscuits, muffins, or pancakes.

These cute little sugars are flavored, for use in tea or coffee or other drinks. They come in different pretty shapes, too from tiny gingerbread men to little animals to flowers. These are lots of fun and small enough to tuck into a stocking or add to another gift. Great for anyone who loves sweetened coffee or tea - and there are a lot of flavors and shapes to choose from.

Choices. You get choices. Different salts, different flavors, different containers. For gifting, these jars are cute, but there are also tins and shaker jars and packets. Nice for anyone who cooks.

A gift that gives back, Women's Bean Project helps women who need a leg up. My favorite products are the chocolate brownie mix, the cornbread mix, and the black bean mix, but I've tried a lot of them (some are sold at local supermarkets, which makes it easy) and they've all been good. Pretty much the same ingredients as if you measured it out yourself - no preservatives or odd ingredients - but it's really easy when you don't have time to do the measuring. They also sell some jewelry and other gift-worthy items.

Ahhh, tapas. Little plates. A fun way to eat dinner, and also great for snacking. These would make great hostess gifts, or use them to make some fantastic dishes to take to a potluck. Since these need to be refrigerated, they wouldn't be good gifts to wrap up an put under the tree, but they'd be great for immediate delivery. Just let the recipient know they need refrigeration.

Pacific Resources International has a whole bunch of New Zealand foods including Proper Crisps, sea salts, and candies with manuka honey. You could pick one item as a stocking stuffer, pick a few for a gift basket, or keep on shopping to fill a whole box.

I received products from these companies at no cost to me.

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