Monday, September 26, 2016

Degustabox - September

So, what's in the box this month?

Degustabox, in case you don't know, is a company that sends out a box full of different food products each month. I'm getting them at no cost so I can tell you about them. The thing that amazes me is how they manage to fit all the products in the box. I set them out to take a photo and then they seem to overfill the box when I tuck it away.

Here's what I found this time:

Lemon-flavored sparkling bitters
Nice as-is. Bitters are supposed to be good for an upset tummy, so it might make sense to keep a few of these on hand. Or, you know, for cocktails.

Popcorner chips
This is a fun idea. Chips in a puffy triangle shape that taste like popcorn. The ones I got had a kettle corn flavor and they're freaking delicious. Perfect if you like the flavor of popcorn but you don't like getting the pieces stuck in your teeth. It looks like I can get one flavor at one of my local stores, but Amazon has a variety pack with 7 flavors or Popcorners in small snack-sized bags. That might have to happen.

Hak's Paks One Pot sauce

Since this was one of the few things in the box that I could cook with rather than snack with, I decided to use it right away. I browned some chicken thighs, poured the sauce over, and baked them until they were done. Pretty tasty stuff, and really simple. It looks like there are a bunch of different flavors, so these would be handy to have on hand for quick meals.

Sam Mills gluten free pasta
I don't need gluten free foods, but I have friends who do, so I gave this one away. My friend said they were good, but I didn't taste them.

Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce
Hot sauce. Oh heck yeah. I love spicy foods, and this one is a great addition to the spice collection. I used it to spice up some chicken soup, but it's nice as a condiment, too.

The English Provender Company chutneys and lemon curd
I adore lemon curd. It's pretty easy to make, but having it in a jar is easy. I like it with yogurt for breakfast. I haven't tried the chutneys yet, but the flavors sound really good. I think they'd be great on burgers or sausages or sandwiches.

Michele et Augustin cookies
Yummy little cookies. There were two little boxes. One was shortbread with sea salt, and the other was shortbread with chocolate chips. I mean, how can you say no to cookies?

Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
This cereal, or perhaps a slightly different variety of it was in a previous box. I've got nothing against cereal, but this was my least favorite item in the box. The rest of them were things I hadn't tried before so it was fun to go through the box and sample. But I've had this cereal before, so it wasn't much of a "wow."

Toosum snack bar with oatmeal
These kinds of snack bars are perfect for a take-along snack or an after-work nosh. I only eat these types of things occasionally, but like to have them on hand for those times when I'm feeling peckish but it's not a good time to eat something more substantial. I've tucked this one away for later.

Bustanut flavored peanuts
The ones I got were maple bacon and bourbon flavors. How can you argue, right? The packs were the perfect size to take a long a little snack. I haven't decided which ones I liked best. Maybe both, mixed together?

Entenmann's Little Bites chocolate chip muffins
Nice little snacks. I didn't know these existed, but now that I got these, I've seen them in stores. It's a genius idea. Many commercial muffins are so HUGE that it's a commitment to eat one of them. Bite-size is nice!

Zolli Drops candy
These are good for your teeth, so they're great as an after-dinner or evening treat. And they taste pretty good, too. A little sweet and fruity. There was one larger bag and two smaller ones, along with a coupon for $1.00 off. Since these contain xylitol, you need to take care to keep them away from dogs, since it can be quite toxic for them. It's safe for humans, though. The company makes both Zolli Drops and Zolli Pops, which are lollipops rather than little candies.

I receive boxes from Degustabox at no cost to me. You can sign up for your own Degustabox HERE.

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