Thursday, August 25, 2016

Insink 4-in-1

When a product offers to make my dish-washing and sink usage more efficient, I perk up just a little bit. I can always use a little more efficiency in my life.

The Insink 4-in-1 device includes 6 pieces - a container with holes at the bottom for draining, a similar container with no holes, two suction devices to keep the containers in place in your sink, a funnel-like attachment that fits either contain to help you get things into the container (or it can be flipped to hold either of the containers upright without the use of the suction things), and a scrub brush.

That sounds like a lot of stuff, but the important parts are the two containers. The one without holes is intended for holding soapy water so you can just dunk your sponge or dishcloth in there to keep from wasting soap when you wash dishes. You can also use it as a pre-soak if you have sticky foods on your spoons and knives.

I've been living with these things in my sink to see if I actually use them. I haven't yet used the non-holed container to hold soapy water. but I have put silverware in it while they were waiting to be washed.

I did find a genius use for the draining container. The suggested uses are for putting washed silverware to let it drain, or to wash and strain berries. That's not what I've been using it for. Instead I've been using it for food scraps that are destined for the trash. Particularly wet scraps. I can let them drain before throwing them in the trash so that I don't end up with a soggy trash bag.

While I wouldn't rank these as a must have item (knife, spoon, cutting board, fire, pot ...) they are handy if you have sink-space to hold them. If you have a tiny sink, you might not want something extra sitting in it at all times, but since they nest, you could store under the sink and pull them out when you need them.

Please note that these are a Canadian product, so the price will be different than what you see. As I'm writing this, the price in US dollars is lower.

Who's it for: People who want better sink organization.

Pros: They're tall and thin, so they don't take as much sink space as a bowl or strainer.

Cons: They might not fit all sinks. If you decide to keep them in the sink at all times, you'll need to remember to wash - or at least drain - the container with no holes.

Wishes: Colors to match people's kitchens would be nice. These are white with green accents.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for the review. To elaborate on the "Kup" (no holes), it was developed to allow me to wash as I go so I don't need to fill the sink with water or have the faucet always running water. I'm able to save about 60 gallons of washing water per week based on my washing style. The nice part is when the Kup water gets used up or dirty, simply lift off the suction bar and dump and refill.

    I don't have to empty the dirty sink water and start the process all over again. From a safety aspect, it addresses cross-contamination concerns as well and I'm not searching for sharp objects under soapy water. Depending on my kitchen activity at the time, I may have both in the sink or just one of the items (Kup or Kaddy). For me the Kup is a stable as I get the kids to pre-wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher to keep food scraps out and the dishwasher from smelling. Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Tonis

  2. Good Housekeeping March edition just gave INSINK 4-1 a GH Lab Pic for "Kitchen Time Savers"


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