Thursday, April 14, 2016


Are you the carting-food-to-work sort of person? Do your kids take lunch to school? Would you like a food-transportation device that's both a container and a serving vessel?

Well, maybe you'd like PlanetBox.

It's not a box to put your planets in (not even poor downgraded Pluto) but instead it's metal compartmented tray that fits into a cute little carrier. It comes with a couple of metal tins for things that should go into tins, and there are magnets included to decorate the top lid of the tray.

The carrier has a couple of places where you could carry extra things, like a water bottle, extra napkins or wet-wipes or whatever else you need to bring along. And the carrier comes in a whole bunch of colors.

At first glance, I thought the tray looked a little small for an adult lunch, but on closer inspection, it's probably sized pretty well. One compartment would snugly hold a sandwich. Note: I don't buy commercial bread, so I'm not sure how snug. Pretty snug.

And then there are the other compartments. And you could use the front pocket for a thermos with soup or a banana or apple You could tuck in a single-serving pack of chips. And then there are the little containers for cole slaw, dipping sauce ... whatever it is you bring for lunch. And there's spare space in the carrying case, so you could tuck in a magazine or something. An extra bag of chips. Sorry, I'm a little peckish and chips sound sort of good at the moment.

And since space is a little limited, it would be good for portion control. I mean, even if you're eating at home, you could make the sandwich, add a small portion of chips, a few pickles, a salad ... and when lunch time comes, you've got it all ready to go.

It would be cute for kids, too. Just fill it with less stuff, right?

The bags come in different colors, so everyone in the family could have a different one, making it easy to tell who gets the sushi and who gets the turkey sandwich.

Who's it for: Mostly for people who bring lunch to work or school. Could be fun for picnics, too.

Pros: Dishwasher safe tray. Nice tote for carrying.

Cons: The tray might be a tiny bit small for adults with big appetites.

Wishes: A place to store clean and dirty silverware would be nice. And it would be sort of cool if it come with a variety of magnets, so kids could decorate in different ways on different days.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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