Thursday, March 24, 2016

Precidio Design's Multi Flask

I have a love-hate relationship with water bottles. I love them when I need them. But it seems like I either have way too many of them or I can't find one. People like to give them away as promotional items. Heck, I even got one from my dentist.

Some are only good for cold drinks, some are meant for hot. There are different openings. There are different materials. Just too many.

Recently, Presidio Design sent me their multi-flask to test. So, how do you test a water bottle? For this one it involved some assembly and disassembly, because it's meant to be used in many different ways. It can be used as an infuser, or as a shaker bottle or for hot drinks or for cold drinks. There are inserts and different lids.

It's one basic bottle with a bunch of different inserts and parts.

One of the best parts is the storage bag. Because I'm really good for losing parts of things.

Where do they go? I have no idea. I recently lost a margarita glass ... which is ridiculous, since there are a limited number of places where I'd put stemmed glassware. So parts of a water bottle are pretty doomed unless I can keep them together.

Overall, the multi-flask is a pretty good idea. You can load up some hot coffee in the morning, change out some parts to infuse fruit or make tea for the afternoon, and sip water the rest of the day.

Who's it for: Folks who need to hydrate on the go. Or I guess you could use it around the house - a sealed bottle is certainly safer as far as spillage is concerned.

Pros: One bottle has multi uses, so you don't need to have one for hot drinks and a separate one for cold.

Cons: It's a little pricy if your other travel mugs were promotional freebies.

Wishes: Pretty happy with it as-is.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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