Friday, August 21, 2015

Green Paxx Ice pop molds and silicone straws

Ice pops and homemade popsicles seem to be pretty hot on blogs this summer. I've been thinking that maybe this is the year I'll buy some really cool molds, but I just haven't gotten to it.

Maybe because there are no kids around here to eat them.

But then again, I like a good ice pop once in a while. Or a boozy ice pop.

And that's how I tested the Green Paxx ice pop molds - with boozy ice pops.

The really big test was that I didn't have space in the freezer to stand the ice pops upright, so I had to lay them down in the freezer, and there was absolutely no leaking. Good thing, because I wasn't looking forward to cleaning the freezer.

The molds are made from silicone, so they can be washed in the dishwasher, if you like, and the colors I got were pretty wacky. In a good way.

Besides using them for ice pops, the company suggests using them for carrying snacks to school or work. Since they seal well, it makes sense, but since I work from home, I don't need to pack any snacks. They could also be useful for packing daily portion-controlled snacks to keep from over-snacking at home, I guess.

Photo courtesy of Green Paxx
The company also sent me some two-piece flexible silicone straws. I'm not entirely sure why a two-piece straw is better, except that you can take them apart for cleaning, or perhaps use the two parts separately.

Since the straws are silicone, they're very durable and reusable. They'd be good for households with kids (of any age) who like to gnaw on their straws, since the kids wouldn't damage their teeth or the straw.

But like any reusable straw, you need to clean them inside. If you clean them right after using, you can dip them in soapy water and rinse, but if you leave them sit too long or if bits of your smoothie got stuck in the straw, it's a good idea to give them a little scrub with a brush that's made to fit inside straws.

The straws are a pretty large diameter, so they didn't fit into a few cups I tried that came with their own straws, but they did fit into the Ball Sip n Straw lids that I have, and the fit was snug enough that they would stay in place, and spillage would be minimal if the drink tipped over.

Green Paxx also makes a universal lid (which I didn't receive or test) that fits several sizes of drinking glasses that has a hole that will accommodate their straws.

Who's it for: Mostly families with kids, but there are also non-kid uses.

Pros: Silicone is pretty durable stuff. Fun colors.

Cons: Still not entirely sure why a two-piece straw is necessary. I could imagine that kids of a certain age might have a lot of fun pulling them apart, though.

Wishes: I like the idea of the ice pop molds for carrying snacks or other small items, but a non-tapered bottom would probably be more useful for that. I could see using these to carry spices, nuts, bread crumbs, or other measured amounts of products to add as a finishing touch to foods taken to a potluck or party.

Source: I received this from the manufacturer for the purpose of a review.

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